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North Shore Snorkeling Tour 1
On Sale
1.5 Hours
North Shore (Pupukea)
11:30AM, 2:00PM, 9:00AM
On Sale
2 Hours
North Shore (Pupukea)
1:00PM, 11:00AM, 3:00PM, 9:00AM

Best Tours & Activities in North Shore (Pupukea)

Pupukea in Hawaii is a community that can be found in the Koolauloa districts throughout Oahu. The name directly translates from Hawaiian into white shell and it is one of the most popular areas across a wahoo for surfing, visiting and enjoying the beach.

Some of the most popular sites for surfing in this area include the Sunset Beach Park, Kammieland, Pipeline, Ehukai and more.

There are also some very popular snorkeling and diving areas throughout this region of Oahu. Sharks Cove, and three tables remain popular with divers year-round and these are a part of the Pupukea Beach Park which is located towards the south west end of this region. This part of the island beaches remains one of the most popular amongst tourists. Although the region is around 60 km from Honolulu it offers some excellent resort accommodations and places to settle over a vacation.