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Best Tours & Activities in Manoa, Hawaii

Manoa is represented as a Valley as well as a residential neighborhood that’s located in Honolulu. Located 5 km from downtown this is a neighborhood that’s mostly made up of lowrise condos and private homes. The area is also home to the University of Hawaii and a large shopping area called the Manoa marketplace. Several days a week this area transforms into a large farmers market.

Manoa is also home to the Manoa Falls a local tourism attraction and natural area. With the abundance of water and rain this was a major agricultural zone responsible for producing coffee and sugar cane. Several coffee plantations are still available in this area.

Other areas to visit throughout Manoa include the lyon Arboretum, the Salvation Army tea room as well as the University of Hawaii campus. The area is a beautiful place to stay in condos or for a brief stay outside of the high traffic tourism areas.