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Best Tours & Activities in Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

Hanauma bay is a protected marine area that is located inside a tuff ring. The marine area is on the island of Oahu and located nearby the East Honolulu. This Bay remained for the most popular destinations for tourists on the island because of its stunning coral reefs. The reefs throughout history have experienced some damage however as in 1956 dynamite was used to bomb out the reef to lay telephone cables linking together the island with the West Coast.

The Bay acts as a nature preserve and it does require admission to get in. All of the coral is protected in this area and the marine rocks harbor a wide range of sea life including turtles, eels, parrot-fish and more. The Bay has long been one of the top spots for nursing young and immature turtles. Global warming and coral bleaching are continuing to affect the Bay area so it is important to see this attraction before it’s too late!