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Best Tours & Activities in Ala Moana, Hawaii

The Ala Moana center is a popular shopping destination across Hawaii and it stands as one of the seventh largest shopping malls located in the United States. This location is a popular area for tourists because it boasts many of the top stores and designer brands that they may not be able to find at home. Perhaps one of the most astounding features of this mall is that it’s the largest open-air malls in the entire world.
You can find this mall located in the middle of Ala Moana Boulevard in Honolulu. The area is a residential, commercial and retail location in this capital city and a large degree of industry can be located here. As well as the mall a number of restaurants, dining opportunities and sights can be seen in this area. The original land in this area with swamp land but the mall and the surrounding area have been available and built up since the year 1957. Since that time the mall has expanded considerably and it’s estimated that it sees around $1 billion in sales every year.