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If you have come to Hawaii in order to capture some beautiful vacation photography, you’re going to need to put yourself in the right shooting locations. It also helps to learn from local guides who know the process of getting the best quality shots in each prospective location along the tour route.

Here are some of the best tours for photography in Hawaii that you can take during your trip:

Windward coast tour

The Best Tours for Photographers in Hawaii The Windward Coast is often one of the lesser-known areas of Hawaii for taking photos. Travel along this coast of a wahoo in a 6.5 hour photo journey that will have you visiting a number of different news story: and natural attractions. This is an extremely reasonable Hawaii photo tour that comes with a very accessible tour route for people who have many levels of fitness. Professional photography guides will help you access the best spots for capturing very memorable photos of the Windward Coast.

Sunrise photos in Oahu

Best Photography Tours in Hawaii The sunrise along the Windward Coast is just as beautiful as the North Shore sunsets on a Hawaii. The nice part about capturing some of the shots is that the coastline is usually far less busy for photographers during this time. This 8.5 hour trek will help you capture some absolutely incredible natural beauty along this area of Hawaii. Our professional photographers can take you through the process of getting a great shot at this time of day and setting up your camera for the ideal lighting conditions.

Night photography tour Waikiki

Photo Tour If you love the idea of taking night photography, this tour can take you some of the best and most photographed spots across Waikiki. On a Friday night you can capture the nightlife of a lot who as well as some of the drama of the sunset/fireworks. Going on even more you can capture the Hilton fireworks or neighboring firework show can lead to some very unique coastal photographs. Guides can help you set up cameras to shoot at night and capture the best spots across the city.

North Shore photo tour

North shore The North Shore of Oahu is one of the most heavily photographed areas of Hawaii. This tour itinerary goes through some of the most famous spots for photography and moves to the most popular surfing spots for capturing awe-inspiring surfing photography along the north shore. This 8.5 hour guided tour includes a photography guide.

Botanical garden tour

botanical gardens explore the secrets of macro photography in this Manoa Valley tropical garden. This fun tour can be joined with minimal photography equipment. Many people just bring their smartphone camera or a point and shoot camera. With a variety of plants and blooms that you can photograph with the help of a professional guide, you can get some absolutely beautiful photos of the natural plants and foliage that can be found here.

Circle Island Photo tour

Circle Island Tour The circle island tour is a look around the entire island of Oahu. The tour will visit all of the main aspects of historical significance and cultural significance as well as some awe-inspiring scenes of natural beauty. This is one of the premiere photography tours on the island as it goes through many of the most popular attractions that can be seen throughout Oahu. Consider this if you are an avid photographer that wants to see the island through your lens and take back some famous shots!

If you are looking for some of the best tours that you could experience as a photographer and Hawaii, you should really consider booking any one of these experiences today. Return from your trip with some breathtaking photos and book today on Best of Hawaii.