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If you want to make the most of your trip to Hawaii it is very important for you to choose the right time of year. Deciding on the right time to visit the islands is not always easy, but with the help of some local logic you can be armed with the right tools to pick your time for travel. Here is some top information on the best time that you should travel to Hawaii so that you can experience the best attractions across the islands:

Travelling to Hawaii in the spring

Visiting the islands in the spring can often be a great way that you can cut down on some of the winds that can whistle through the highlighting areas on the island. Many people tend to call spring the dry season and it is the perfect time to start travelling because the weather is very predictable. After the season in mid April you can work at getting access to lower airfare and lower accommodation because the high season on the islands starts to leave. Most visitors are starting to leave or arrive because of the holiday in Japan during Golden week.

The surf can start to die down during this time if you are hoping to catch some large waves and the sea usually reaches around a 70° mark. The good news about the color temperature is that some of the fruits and vegetation can be seen widely across the islands. It’s one of the best times to visit the island because it’s less crowded and there is usually a much lusher appearance for the vegetation. If you are planning on traveling to see some of the native plant and animal species, this is one of the best times to travel. Just watch out for the Monarch Festival which takes place on Easter Sunday. This can often cause peak demand at hotels.

Sunset Sail & Manta Ray Snorkel Cruise 2Visiting Hawaii in the summer

Summer is also considered to be the low season and this is when rental vehicles and accommodations shoot down considerably. July is one of the months in the summer that has some of the largest visitor arrivals. The summer months commonly see temperatures rise as high as the 90s with very high humidity. If you are going to surf, this is one the ocean is usually at its lowest point. The surf can only be found on the Windward Coast at this time and there is also some difference in flow rates for many of the major waterfalls throughout the islands. Water temperatures rise considerably in the summer and it increases the chance for storms. This is a time when Hawaii can be affected by tropical storms due to the major temperature shifts.

Waikiki Surf Lessons Traveling to Hawaii in the fall

November is considered the rainy season and this is when showers will often dominate the forecast. Difficult storms during this time of year can often cause serious damage and even flooding on the islands just before the winter months. Storms here can often lead to large lightning and thunderstorms and the gusts of wind can start to pick up making the surf extremely rough. The high season officially begins in December but during this time in the fall, many surfers make their way to the islands to try to tackle some of the big waves.

Winter vacation in Hawaii

this is widely considered some of the best times to visit Hawaii. This is high season between Christmas and New Year. The occupancy rates at Christmas can often be quite difficult to get around as many people come to visit family or have a unique island holiday. The weather at this time usually remains at an average of 78° with water temperatures between 74 to 75. One of the reasons for high season at this time is the whale watching, this is the time at which many humpbacks begin their migratory mating season. Several other factors including surf quality, lush golf courses and comfortable temperatures make Hawaii a very attractive choice throughout the winter months.

Using this information you can balance savings with the weather and outlook in the Hawaiian islands depending on the time of year!