Best Day Out for Couples in Hawaii

If you are looking for a unique day out on the island of Hawaii for you and a partner, you may want to consider taking some romantic tours across the islands. Hawaii is an extremely romantic destination and many couples visit this area for their honeymoon, per anniversaries or to rekindle lost love.

Here are some of the best tours that you can experience on the island of Hawaii if you wanted a romantic day out:

The complete island Maui Tour: This tour takes place across the East and the West part of Maui. You can enjoy a complete aerial tour of the island including the Hana rain forest, Haleakala crater, the oheo gulch and more. This one-hour helicopter tour is an extremely romantic getaway that you and a partner could share together. There’s also the option to get some stunning photos for your trip with this experience tour operator!

The Hilton sunset cocktail cruise out of Waikiki: This cruise features some of the most stunning views of the surrounding environment in Waikiki. This Hilton sunset cocktail cruise gives you access to some of the best sunsets at sea with an extremely scenic cruise that takes you past Diamond head with champagne by the sunset. What could be more romantic than enjoying a cold glass of champagne by the setting sun out at sea!

The sunset north shore on horseback: enjoy another unique sunset to her with a 90 min. guided ride during the coolest part of the day. This horseback tour at sunset is one of the nicest ways that you can see the sunset sky across the North Shore. Majestic and groomed horses can take you to the perfect vantage point along the coast so that you can get a glimpse of one of the world’s greatest sunset views. With private tours available and group tours on horseback, you can get a very private experience with your spouse or a fun group tour where you can enjoy a romantic embrace at sunset.

Sail and snorkel with dolphins: Sometimes sharing in a once-in-a-lifetime experience can be romantic. Spend time out on a sea catamaran whale watching and cruising up and down the shores of Ko Olina. The knowledgeable captain and crew can eventually take you to a spot were dolphins generally congregate. From here you can get in the water with your snorkel and mask and enjoy swimming in the open ocean with dolphins. This can be a fairly private or small group experience that you won’t soon forget. Plenty of couples love the experience and sharing the joy of swimming with dolphins for the first time together.

Hilton fireworks dinner sailing: Enjoy an evening out on the water on the night of a fireworks show. This tour includes a buffet tapas style dinner and a fun cruise through the Hawaiian islands eventually ending up on a spot near where the Hilton Hotel sets of a massive display of fireworks. Get some of the best seats in the house in the middle of the bay and you won’t have to worry about having to find a spot on land!

Ala Moana Parasailing adventures: test each other’s limits and get some of the best views of Diamond Head on the island with this view from Oahu’s south shore. Choose how high you want to go and enjoy the calming feeling of floating above the islands with your favorite person!

Consider any one of these romantic tours for your next trip to Hawaii! Remember that Best of Hawaii can get you some of the best deals on these experiences!