A perfect 7 days itinerary for a family vacation in Oahu

Oahu Island is the 3rd largest island amongst the Hawaii Islands, it is also referred to as “The Gathering Place” since a large percentage of Hawaii’s population lives there. Oahu is frequently visited by tourists from different parts of the world and this adds to the already rich and diverse culture there. Honolulu city which is the largest city in Hawaii and the state capital is also located in Oahu. Oahu is one of the best family destinations in the world because there are several attractions that can be enjoyed as a family and there is something for everyone to do! If you’re planning on going on a family vacation to Oahu then you’ll need at least a week to make the best use of everything the island has to offer.

Oahu has many types of accommodation options: from budget hotels and guest houses to luxurious resorts. Although, when travelling as a family your best bet would be to stay at a resort provided your budget allows you to do so.  Next is transport: you could rent a car (it is much cheaper to rent for 4 or 5 days together instead of renting separately each day) and drive around the beautiful island; the road rules are quite lenient however honking is generally frowned upon. Or, since the whole point of a vacation is to relax, rather than driving around you can use the busses: the bus service in Honolulu especially is impeccable, the bus will take you anywhere you need to go and once again it is more affordable if you purchase the 4-Day bus pass that allows your family members to ride along as well. Drafted below is a rough itinerary to ensure you experience seven days of unlimited fun and relaxation in this paradise island!

7 Days Itinerary Hawaii Vacation

A Perfect 7 Days Itinerary for a Family Vacation in Oahu Day 1 – Once you’ve settled into your room, unpacked and rested, it is time to tour the island. Don’t arrange for any physical activities on your first day as most families especially the ones with young kids feel tired and jetlagged after the flight (PS. To make your holiday more memorable, book in advance a Lei Greeting for the whole family: you can choose your arrival airport and landing time while making the booking and when you arrive at the island you will warmly be greeted with leis for everyone, you can even decide on the type of lei for each person!). Settle on light sightseeing activities such as visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center. enter is a must visit attraction in Oahu, it has an open-air setting and offers an authentic cultural experience to its visitors. Filled with a variety of dining options, fire walkers, performances and eight Polynesian villages in which once can partake in numerous role-playing activities (temporary tattoos, fishing, canoe rides and much more), the whole day can easily be spent over here.

Pearl Harbor Tours in HawaiiDay 2Pearl Harbor Tours: These tours are a famous attraction in Hawaii: some visitors have relatives who were stationed there while others simply want to learn more about it, either way you can choose your tour from the different options available. You will be able to visit historic museums and memorials which include exhibits from World War 2, the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri Battleship.

Day 3 – This day is especially for the kids – The Coral Crater Adventure Park is the ultimate outdoor adventure park for kids of all ages: it even has activities in which the whole family can participate and doing these will make your family bond stronger than it ever was! Following are a few of the main attractions at the park and you can purchase in advance the package that is most suitable for you: ziplines, wall climbing, free fall, escape mission (zombie apocalypse), adventure tower and a sunset snorkel dinner cruise (you can end the day on a relaxing note with the cruise dinner).

A Perfect 7 Days Itinerary for a Family Vacation in Oahu Day 4 – When you’re on an island how could you forget watersports? Oahu island is filled with all types of water sports. In Waikiki you can choose from Flyboarding, Parasailing, Jet Skiing and snorkeling. There are numerous water sport centers and equipment rental companies all over the island therefore be sure to ask your hotel reception to point you towards a reliable and reasonably priced center.

Day 5 – Instead of going to a specific place you can spend the day simply exploring the island. This of course includes shopping (remember to buy souvenirs for family and friends back home) and trying out new food. There’s no shortage of places to eat in Oahu, they have everything from scrumptious street food to mouthwatering desserts! Don’t forget to try these must-have dishes: fresh pineapples, chicken long rice, acai bowls, shaved ice, poke bowls and fresh salmon. For shopping purposes, you can visit Oahu’s best shopping mall, the Ala Moana Shopping Center which has 300 different shops and restaurants. There are also many unique souvenir and gift shops on the streets so keep an eye out for them!

Day 6 – There ‘s a bunch of things you can try today: maybe swimming with turtles and sharks or if this doesn’t interest you then you can go on a photography tour. Every other spot in the island is a kodak moment waiting to be captured but there also specific tours available that take you to the best photography spots. You can choose from sunset tours, sunrise tours, beach tours or even an island wide tour. Taking pictures is definitely a good way to make your family vacation as memorable as possible.

Day 7 – It’s your last day at paradise island and what better way to celebrate than by attending a Luau! After you have decided on which Luau you’re going to attend (The best ones are usually in the Waikiki area), prepare yourself for a joy-filled night under the stars: a luau usually starts at sunset and contains a massive feast with a Kalua pig as the main delicacy, it also includes dance performances, cultural plays, Hawaiian music, hula dances, fire walkers and many more entertaining acts.

A Perfect 7 Days Itinerary for a Family Vacation in Oahu